1967 Camaro Z28 – Special Performance Package includes 302 cid 290 hp V8 engine, closed positive ventilation, dual exhaust with deep tone mufflers, special front and rear suspension, heavy-duty radiator and temperature controlled fan, quick ratio steering, 15×6 wheels, 7.35×15 nylon red stripe tires, 3.73:1 ratio axle and special paint stripes on hood and rear deck (requires 4-speed close ratio transmission, power brakes, front disc brakes or heavy-duty front disc brakes with metallic rear brakes; positraction recommended; Sport Coupe V8 only). While hood and deck striping came standard with Z28, RS equipment and D-80 spoiler didn’t. Early Z28′s didn’t carry 302 front-fender emblems.

Price – $358.10

Total 1967 Z28 production – 602

1968 Camaro Z28 – The engine stayed basically the same as ’67 except for receiving the new large journal crankshaft. A quicker steering ratio became standard, 21.4:1, with an even quicker ratio as an option, 17.9:1. The D80 spoiler option became available. A thicker front sway bar was also now available.

Price – $400.25

Total 1968 Z28 production – 7,199

1969 Camaro Z28 -A new body for 1969 gave Camaros a longer and lower appearance. The formerly smooth-sided body was now more highly sculptured, with a side feature line tracing the forward edge of the front wheel housing and running straight from the opening to the rear of the car. Simulated vertical air slots were positioned ahead of the rear wheels. Chevrolet added an egg-crate grille in 1969 that continued with the Camaro for several years.  A unique option available to ’69 Camaros was the $79 cowl-induction hood.  It had a valve that snapped open at 80% throttle to draw in cool air from the base of the windshield. Four-wheel disc brakes (RPO JL8) was an official factory option available with all models.

Price – $458.15

Total 1969 Z28 production – 20,302