Back in the mid 1980′s Choo Choo Customs, known for their trucks and vans, decided to offer some third gen Camaro conversion packages. There was three different Camaro conversion packages that you could get from Choo Choo Customs they were Camaro SS, Camaro SX and Team Camaro.

Having seen a few of these on the road in the late 80′s and so on, especially the Team Camaro, I do remember them but have found it very difficult to find reliable and accurate information on them. Here is what Choo Choo Customs 1986 sales media information guide said about their third gen Camaro conversion packages:

The Team Camaro claims its place at the head of our Camaro class. In the tradition of the IROC and Z-28, Team Camaro sports Ground Effects, Hood Scoop plus Cragar Protech Wheels. The interior catches your breath with a European Wood Instrument Panel, Dash and Accessories. To say this is the ultimate Camaro may be an understatement.

Since the beginning, Choo Choo Customs has built its reputation on quality conversions of Chevrolet vans and trucks. We proudly embrace the distinction of producing the most widely recognized van and truck conversions in the industry.

Now Choo Choo Customs is ready to respond to a question we have often been asked: ‘When will you offer conversions on cars?’ Introducing Chevroletæs and Choo Choo Customs’ exciting new Camaros.
Just when everyone though the hottest new car on the road couldn’t get any hotter…it is.
And Choo Choo Customs offers three complete Camaro conversion packages to meet every styling taste – the economical Camaro SS, the sleek Camaro SX and the ultimate Team Camaro.
In the tradition of our van and truck conversions, Chevrolet and Choo Choo Customs continue to share an appreciation for one-of-a-kind craftsmanship and a respect for product excellence. What better way to introduce Choo Choo Customs’ entry into car conversions than with the exclusive Camaro.
Our van and truck conversions will of course, continue while our Camaro conversions mark the beginning of an exciting new phase at Choo Choo Customs. Take a good look at the pages you now hold. These three Camaro conversions are about to make automotive history.

Team Camaro

* Luxuriously Genuine Wood Instrument Panel, Dash, and Console Accessories
* Paint Design and Pinstriping
* Team Camaro Decals (Side, Front, and Rear)
* Ground Effects Panels (Side, Front, and Rear)
* Exhaust Extensions
* Rear Deck Lid Spoiler
* Hood Scoop
* Team Camaro Air Cleaner Decal

* Cragar Protech 15″ Custom Wheels
* 14″ Leather Steering Wheel
* If factory rear spoiler ordered
* If either aluminum or burlewood dash ordered

Unfortunately there were no engine modifications on the three models that Choo Choo Customs offered it seems. What they did offer was appearance upgrades including ground effects, decals and wood interior upgrades. Hopefully I will come across more information on these third gen Camaros that Choo Choo Customs converted. If you have any information on any of these Choo Choo Custom Camaros please contact me at webmaster (no spam) at That’s the email address and unless you are a spam crawling computer you should know what to do to send me an email :)