If you are reading this, you are probably crazy about Camaros or just plain crazy. It is a safe bet you have seen Savage Steve Holland’s 1985 film, Better Off Dead, starring John Cusack, Kim Darby and Diane Franklin, many times. Briefly, the plot of the movie involves… Oh, who cares, the real star was the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS 350.

You might ask, why did Holland select a Camaro to star in the film? The answer is simple. Holland’s first car was a “souped-up orange 1968 Camaro” he drove while in high school. It was natural he would return to his glory days when selecting a car to fulfill the dreams of the movie’s main character.

This particular ’67 Camaro was born the second week of November, 1966 in a GM factory in Los Angeles which is fitting since it was destined to become an international movie star. A first-generation Camaro, the car originally sported a deluxe red interior, air conditioning and an automatic transmission. It was white and had a black stripe around the grille as well as 14 x 6 rally wheels.

While it has received its proper accolades from web sites like Rotten Tomatoes, if you want to learn everything there is to know about this famous Camaro, take a look at betteroffdead.com, the passion of a fellow lover of all things Camaro, and this Camaro in particular, named Jeff.

A fair part of the movie is spent restoring what is presented as a neglected, decrepit car. John Cusack (Lane Meyer) and Diane Franklin (Monique Junot) work together to bring the racing car back to life. You have probably watched these fascinating scenes with intensity, over and over, as you ran your own fingers over the beautiful curves of the car in your imagination. That’s okay. You are not alone.

The real Camaro dropped out of sight after the film was finished. Jeff could not bear the thought of this beautiful work of art being lost forever, so he set out on a quest to find it. It took time, but he refused to give up even though there were significant difficulties

Once it was located, he could see it was in desperate need of attention. It required extensive restoration, and the story of its recovery and renovation can be found on his web site. There are many pictures that chronicle the loving care it received as it, once again, became the glamorous, powerful piece of automotive history it was meant to be.

Today, it makes its home in Colorado where Jeff showers it with adoration and plenty of TLC. It shows off its sleek lines at as many car shows as possible. So if you are ever in the Colorado area, be sure and check out the local car shows, and pay your respects. After all, cars have feelings, too.
Abby Franklin helped her son restore his Camaro and enjoyed every minute of it. All she charged him was the right to be able to drive it whenever she wanted to. Abby is a frequent contributor to the car insurance blog for KeyInsuranceQuotes.com